Transform Job Stress into Success

If you’re working, job stress is at least a small part of your life.

While it’s important to stay grateful for work, there’s no denying that with any job comes a certain amount of stress.

Issues with co-workers, deadlines, or just feelings of being overwhelmed can be enough to send anyone’s stress levels soaring.

We need tools to deal with job stress just like we do with family or relationship stress. We can maintain a positive attitude for our jobs while addressing the fact that they can be stressful.

Here are my best tools for transforming job stress into success. Start here to help yourself become happier and less stressed at work. Read More

Reflexology – Ancient System for Health and Stress Relief

Almost everyone loves a foot massage, but a foot reflexology treatment is so much more.

Reflexology can soothe your sore and aching feet, but is also health-restorative on a deeper level. Read More

Engaging in the Arts, Music, and Hobbies for Stress Relief

Do you enjoy music or art? Are you looking to try out a new hobby?

Using your creativity is an excellent tool to release stress.

A recent study published in Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, found that just 45 minutes of creative time reduces cortisol levels and stress, even for people who don’t consider themselves artistic!

Art and hobbies bolster self-esteem, ease trauma, and give you an outlet for personal expression.

Practicing a hobby or art helps you to decompress, and reach an almost meditative state.

For some people, creating art releases anger, frustration, or pent up sadness. Art can also be joyous, cathartic, and empowering on many different levels. Read More

The Life Changing Power of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool for your health.

Health is at its peak when mind, body, and spirit are all in harmonious balance.

If you think about it, your mental health is as important as your diet, supplements, or any spiritual path you choose.

Positive affirmations use your own thoughts to manifest the life and state of being you desire. Read More

Use Guided Imagery To Visualize a Stress Free Life

Today, science confirms that mind-body therapies enhance health on many levels.

Guided imagery is a mind-body therapy that has its roots in the ancient Greek belief that the subconscious mind impacts the body.

Today, most experts, especially in the natural health world, accept that the mind and body are interconnected, not separate. How we think and feel influences our bodies and our health.

Guided imagery uses positive images, thoughts, and suggestions to relax the mind, and create a framework for renewed health. Read More

Therapy – When Do I Consider It & Where Does It Fit In?

You may reach a point in a self-care program when it’s time to explore therapy.

Try not to feel discouraged or defeated if this happens to you. It’s ok to pursue new avenues for support. Therapy can be very positive for your health and your entire life.

In fact, seeking out therapy could be the turning point to solving long-term conflicts and starting the healing process. Read More

Stress and Aging: How To Stop Stress from Aging You

The effects of stress on health are devastating. It decreases immune response, raises blood pressure, and can lead to anxiety or depression.

The newest research shows stress also speeds up the aging process. Research finds high stress and anxiety actually shortens the length of DNA telomere strands, a hallmark of early aging.

As DNA telomeres shorten, their structure is weakened, causing cells to age more quickly or die.

In one study, the difference in telomere lengths for women of the same age who were highly phobic versus not phobic was equal to six years of aging!

Other research finds untreated depression can shorten DNA telomeres, and increases risk for heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and stroke. Read More

Are Toxic Relationships Causing You Stress?

Let’s face it. Relationships take time and energy. They can be a source of great joy or high stress.

All of us reach a point in our lives where we have to evaluate our relationships, and decide whether or not they are healthy for us.

A relationship can become toxic, a source of stress, an energy drain, or even abusive.

Our relationships affect our mental, physical, and spiritual health, both negatively and positively.

Releasing or fixing a toxic relationship can be an important starting point for renewed health, energy, and a happier life.

Toxic relationships occur between spouses, family members, and even close friends. Do you have a toxic relationship that you need to fix or release? Read More

The Stress Connection to Autoimmunity and Fatigue Syndromes

Stress is a total body drain.

In the case of autoimmune illness, stress both escalates the process that allows autoimmune reactions, and worsens the disease symptoms.

Stress is also a factor in the development of fatigue syndromes like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia, which aren’t technically autoimmune reactions, but share many features.

While this might seem like bad news, take a moment to think about it. Stress is one factor that you have control over. Read More

Technology Stress- Why Unplugging is Vital For Health

We wake up to greet our phones and computers every day.

If you’re like most people, you spend the majority of your day online for work, social media, or to stay in touch with friends and family.

Yet, what are we missing when we spend our days on our phones and computers, and how does this affect our health?

Researchers are only beginning to understand the role technology plays in increasing stress. Yet, what we are learning shows it’s time to make a change before our health suffers. Read More