5 Quick Ways To Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety can hit you out of nowhere like a freight train.

Sometimes, there is no clear cause, and anxiety is still strong and ever present.

Other times, anxiety may be related to a stressful situation like giving a speech, getting on a plane, or an issue with your work or home life.

Whatever the cause, if you’re dealing with anxiety, here are five quick tips you can try to feel better right away. Read More

Massage Therapy for Stress Relief & Health Enhancement

Are you under a lot of stress? Have you tried numerous approaches to relieve anxiety, medical and natural, without results?

If so, it’s a good time to check out massage. Massage treatments elevate mood, soothe tension, and even ease pain.

Massage therapy provides therapeutic touch, something all beings need but is often missing from modern medical care. Read More

Start Your Day with an Energizing Breakfast

While working on a stress problem, it’s important to start your day off with a nutritious, energizing breakfast.

Chronic stress increases your body’s nutritional needs and also leads to fatigue.

Here are four healthy recipes to try… Read More

Float Therapy Can Lift Your Stress Away

Today, most people are overloaded with information and stimulation all day long.

Many people spend much of their time away from their jobs watching news or politics on TV.

When they’re not watching TV, they’re usually engaging in social media, or are on their smart phones.

While it’s important to stay informed, a constant influx of bad news, screen time, and social media can perpetuate stress.

Add to that, tension from family issues or illness and your life may become the perfect storm.

For all these reasons and more, people are flocking to float therapy to relax today. Read More

How To Say No

Your day is packed with errands and work. Your to-do list is overflowing.

You’re already running late. Your phone rings, and it’s that one friend who asks for big favors every few days.

Internally, you’re falling apart, but you can’t bring yourself to say no. If this sounds like you, this article can help.

If you’re constantly overcommitted and resentful about everything you agreed to do, you may need help. It’s important to be able to say no sometimes. Read More

Is Stress Your Weight Loss Block?

Do you jump from diet to diet, counting calories and exercising until you’re blue in the face without results?

Does your thyroid check out normal and yet you still can’t lose weight?

If so, you could need to evaluate the role stress plays in your life. The evidence is in: Too much stress is not only bad for your health; it can also make you gain weight.

If this sounds like you, do your best to stay positive. Stress is one factor in your life that you have control over! Read More

How To Create The Ideal Sleep Environment

Do you battle to get enough sleep at night?

Creating the ideal sleep environment will help you get a deeper, better quality rest each night.

A better night’s sleep leads to a more positive outlook and a more productive day.

Getting enough sleep is also critical to help your body heal and repair after a long day’s work. Read More

Can Controlling Stress Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Around 75 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension). That’s 1 in 3 adults!

Both women and men are affected, although at different times in life.

Men are often hit with high blood pressure in their 40’s, while women are most affected after age 65.

Sadly, of the millions of people who have high blood pressure, only about half of them have it under control.

High blood pressure is called “the silent killer” since many people aren’t even aware they have it. Read More

Transform Job Stress into Success

If you’re working, job stress is at least a small part of your life.

While it’s important to stay grateful for work, there’s no denying that with any job comes a certain amount of stress.

Issues with co-workers, deadlines, or just feelings of being overwhelmed can be enough to send anyone’s stress levels soaring.

We need tools to deal with job stress just like we do with family or relationship stress. We can maintain a positive attitude for our jobs while addressing the fact that they can be stressful.

Here are my best tools for transforming job stress into success. Start here to help yourself become happier and less stressed at work. Read More

Reflexology – Ancient System for Health and Stress Relief

Almost everyone loves a foot massage, but a foot reflexology treatment is so much more.

Reflexology can soothe your sore and aching feet, but is also health-restorative on a deeper level. Read More